Rupert Tarsey – Secretary

Rupert Tarsey – Secretary

About Rupert Tarsey

Rupert Tarsey works in real estate, stock, and commodity investments.   Solely for party loyalty, he worked as a field officer for the Republican Party of Florida and knocked on over 10,000 doors during the election where he was responsible for North Broward and South Palm Beach counties, and afterwards he greatly enjoyed making it to the inauguration and the inaugural gala in D.C.   Mr. Tarsey is a regular personal and financial supporter of Republican causes.  Rupert Tarsey is active in Catholic charities and led the Fort Lauderdale Knights of Columbus for two years.  In his personal life, Mr. Tarsey is an avid traveler, having traveled to over 40 countries and more than 30 states.



College- Nova Southeastern University

MBA – Nova Southeastern University


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