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Free Membership/All Access Volunteer

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Joining the BREC makes you a public elected official. It gives you voting power, influence, and most importantly responsibility in local party affairs and the ability to nominate the party’s Officers (Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, County Representative(s) who are elected as either the State Committeeman or State Commiteewoman to the Republican Party of Florida (RPOF).

The R.E.C. is the foundation of Republican grassroots politics. Registered Republicans who apply for and are elected to represent their precinct participate in monthly or bi-monthly meetings of the party and vote on decisions affecting the County party’s work. They also volunteer in their communities to share values and ideas and grow the party by activities such as campaigning, registering voters, and ultimately winning elections.

 All registered Republicans are welcome to attend as guests and then submit an application to become a member of the Republican Executive Committee. 


Recruiting the best Republican candidates for local, county, state, and federal office. Getting out the Vote to elect Republican candidates who share our values. Representing communities to the Representing the Republican Party at-large in your communityPreserving, protecting, and defending Republican principles Inspiring the next generation to be politically active and engaged.