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Merchandise Store

BREC Merchandise Store

Welcome to the Broward Republican Party Merchandise Store Buy purchasing from these merchants, you are giving your support to The Broward Republican Party. Each Merchant is a Republican owned business who is donating a portion of these proceeds back to us so that we can support Republican Values and candidates in Broward County. We thank you for showing your generosity by supporting these vendors and buying through the link on this webpage.

The Republican Red

We started Freedom Warriors USA to make being a Patriot fashionable. We saw that no one really had clothing that fit our movement and style. We wanted to make a statement that our clothing did the talking and our energy backed it up. Know as we get bigger we become more involved in our community and standing up against tyranny. We will battle against people attacking our children and we will always fight for the values that made this Country Great.



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At Patriot Mobile, we offer more than just dependable wireless service. As America’s ONLY Christian conservative wireless provider, we actively support the principles that matter most to you. With every line of service, you make a direct impact. Use promo code PATRIOTVIP for free activation when you join us.

Why Join Patriot Mobile?

🇺🇸 Champion the First Amendment: We proudly support organizations like the First Liberty Institute and Alliance Defending Freedom, protecting your freedoms of speech and religion.

🇺🇸 Defend the Second Amendment: We stand by your right to keep and bear arms, backing groups such as the NRA and the National Association for Gun Rights.

🇺🇸 Uphold the Sanctity of Life: We ally with entities such as Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America, advocating for life and opposing the pro-abortion lobby.

🇺🇸 Support Our Military and First Responders: Our contributions assist heroes through organizations like Folds of Honor and Helping a Hero, recognizing their sacrifices for our freedom.

These commitments are why countless patriots trust us, knowing their hard-earned dollars support causes aligned with their values. Over the past few years, we’ve donated millions to these crucial causes, reinforcing our dedication to America’s strength.

New Offerings Just for You: We’re excited to introduce expanded services like Patriot Mobile Business, Patriot Mobile Connect, and Device Protection Insurance to better serve your needs.

Join us today! Make a stand for faith, freedom, and family. For more information or to make the switch, call 972-PATRIOT and use promo code PATRIOTVIP or visit our website today.