Dear guest, we are honored that you would like to attend our next Republican Party of Broward meeting. YOU MUST FILL OUT THIS APPLICATION TO ATTEND THE MEETING, ONCE VERIFIED YOU WILL RECEIVE AN INVITATION TO THIS MEETING BY EMAIL, TEXT, OR PHONE CALL.

This meeting will take place on

Monday July 22 nd 2024 at 6:30 PM

E. Pat Larkins Center 520 Martin Luther King Blvd., Pompano Beach

You will hear from the following special guest speakers:

  • Republican Party Chairman Chris Marino
  • Maryann Pistilli – Florida State Director TRUMP 2024
  • Cameron Goodyear – RNC State Director of Election Integrity
  • Alexander Pantinakis – Republican Party of Florida Political Director
  • And more local Republican Party leaders and Candidates

Topics will include: Volunteering for President Trump’s re-election, Election/Voting Integrity, Poll working and Poll watching, and more.

    Please note that:

    1. “YOU MUST BE A REGISTERED REPUBLICAN” to attend this meeting. You may check and update your Voters registration status here and you will need this information to complete this application. Please click the following link to get your Voters Registration number (Please write it down for this
      application), and verify the following #1. That you are in fact registered as Republican #2. That your address is correct #3 That your name is spelled correctly #4 Write down your voting precinct number (for this application)
    2. Please click here to Check and Update your Voters registration: https://registertovoteflorida.gov/home
    3. We Highly recommend that you sign up to Volunteer for President Trumps local volunteer team here and now. Click here to Volunteer>>https://trumpforce47.com/root-test/#volunteer
    4. Please proceed to the application to attend our upcoming meeting as our Guest.

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    Early Voting August 10 th through August 18 th WE WANT YOU TO VOTE EARLY. Click here for early voting near you:


    Election Day August 20th WE WANT YOU TO VOTE EARLY (See above)